Siggi Eggertsson (born 1984) is a Berlin-based Icelandic graphic designer. At a time when the handmade aesthetic is going from strength to strength, Eggertsson’s work is entirely different. No sketches, doodles or brush strokes. No cutouts or found objects. His style takes advantage of pattern rules, vector shapes, lines and plenty of flat colour. It’s a bit like pixel art, softened with a nice analogue twist.

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Artist painter Lena Kramarić was born 1982 in Zagreb, Croatia, lives and works in Dubrovnik. She graduated in 2008 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (painting). Since 1999 she has had 13 individual exhibitions in Croatia and about 20 group exhibitions, both in the country and abroad.

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Gerd Arntz, Illustration for the children’s book The colorful world – Die bunte Welt, Mengenbilder für die Jugend, 1929. Text by Otto Neurath. Artur Wolf Verlag, Vienna. Source 1 + 2. Read more about Isotype here.


Aerial Views of American Sprawl

By Christoph Gielen

Christoph Gielen’s aerial views offer a look at America’s most aberrant and unusual sprawl forms in ways we usually don’t get to see them: from far above the ground—a vantage point that reveals both the intricate geometry as well as the idiosyncratic allure of these developments.

1. Nevada _ 2. Florida _ 3. Arizona _ 4.Florida _ 5. Arizona _ 6. Nevada_

7. Texas

via Plataforma Arquitectura