Sculpture by Hande Sekerciler born 1982 in Turkey. Graduated from University of Marmara, School of Fine Arts Education, Faculty of Sculpture. Collaborated with various artists after completing university education. Lives and works in İstanbul.

on this episode of “Davis gets a little manic and goes ham with cooking”:

egg salad, a quart of onion jam, and two loaves of french bread

and I’m leaving in 2 days


Absorbing and amusing, witty yet poignant, the Home of Raifuku*(Japanese title: 来福の家; Traditional Chinese title: 來福之家) is an intriguing novel exploring and reflecting on the author’s personal experiences regarding family, love, languages and self-identities. Born in Taiwan and grown up in Japan, the author Wen,You-Rou (溫又柔) creates a brand new literature theme in Japanese literature history by setting four different languages including Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese and English that the main character speaks in everyday live in the story.

Inspired by the linguistic feature in the book, one of the lines about the main character(Xu Xiao Xiao) in the story was converted into a typographic element for the cover design of the exclusive Traditional Chinese edition. The four expressions of languages on the cover including Japanese, Hanyu Pinyin, Chinese and Taiwanese all means ”I am Xu Xiao Xiao”, which implies the main character’s(also the author’s) seeking of self-identities in the intertwined linguistic memories and living experiences between hometown and foreign land. Moreover, the composition of circle and red-blue color scheme not only represents Japan and Taiwan, but symbolizes the main character’s experiences formed by the two nations’ cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

(Source: behance.net, via typographie)


Limit to the Sky Romain Bucaille

"A photographic essay on architecture of balconies from different parts of the world. Lost in the deep blue of the sky, these balconies appear as alone, extracted from the building they’re attached to."